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Full Size Sex Doll may not always be a full-length delicacy, but is available in a wide variety of the female and male parts of his body where preference, which may already be perfect classified. A doll can be any part of his body where erogenous that titillate the imagination. Lips, legs, breasts, buttocks, the front … all these sex dolls have been made. Full size sex dolls are certainly Popular in the so-called. sex dolls, but are also popular in the breasts, buttocks act of oral sex, and specializes in the bulk. Sex Dolls are often used for hottest adult entertainment. How does it feel to be in between the blankets genuine feel Jenna or full body for a realistic Diana.

Neck circumference:33cm
Upper Breast:78cm
Under Bust Girth:57cm
Arm Length:62cm
Leg Length:82cm
Hand Girth:18.5cm
Thigh Girth:42cm
Calf Girth:27cm
Foot Length:21cm

full size sex doll

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