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Real Silicone Doll puppets or dolls made from two principles: Silicone dolls and doll-like REAL DOLL dolls, or those with body and head are true that from the material. Silicone dolls have evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years and most recently, a novelty in the category of an authentic-looking puppets and their faces look the most realistic dolls.
Male dolls have been the last for longer and larger trend also has been available transsunuket. Who has not dreamed even with film stars or beautiful tranny pouring into the bed of love?

Genuine Real Silicone Doll cost thousands of euros. They Nearest stuffed dolls again the price range of about 300 euro. Most, however, sold the lowest-end dolls that can be purchased for a moment, or the need for a variety of long-term use. with the dolls used spared water-based lubricants, and some also recommends the use of a condom, because then the purification and re-use is mukavempaa.
PREFERRED hits dolls are teenage dolls and Big Tits dolls or dolls with large breasts. Why is this so? Purchasing a reflection of our desires, real desires, which we can not always take the way, such as convertible or having sex with a younger isorintaisen beauty. Popular is also buying dolls lingerie and sexy high heels and also to implement these delicious fantasies.

Net length(Heel to neck):140cm
The waist:60.5cm
Under bust:68cm
On the chest:85.5cm
Shoulder width:36cm
Thigh circumference:41cm
Calf circumference:27.5cm
Lower body (heel to waist):94cm
Medial thigh length:76cm
Calf length:43cm
Arm length:66cm
Palm length:16.5cm
Foot length:21.5cm

full size sex doll

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